Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery today is the way of modern living, not luxury any more. Benefits of aesthetic surgery is not only better looking but also better feeling, better confidence and better reputation. It is like every day taking care about your health and appearance.

Today aesthetic surgery could be very simple, very efficient and very safe because of our knowledge, experience and facility that provide us possibility to do many things in ambulantory condition with very short downtime and wide range of procedure.

Lot of procedures is performed on the surface of the skin and low under the skin and that is reason that there are no many risks and complications after that. According to this there is also a little pain in postoperative treatment and proper use of analgesics and other medications.

Types of facial surgeries

  • Hair Transplant: Hair Transplant with micro transplants, FUT, DHT Scalp reduction Eyebrow, eyelash and beard transplant.
  • Face Wrinkles: Botox, Chemical pilling or hyaluronic acid
  • Eye Lid: Upper or lower eyelid with fat correction
  • Eyebrow: Eyebrow uplift, slant or transplant
  • Nose Correction:(RHINOPLASTY): Aesthetic nose correction with surgery or filers
  • Ears:Lop ears correction and deformity
  • Face:Face lifting (partial and complete) with neck lift Cheek bone correction with implants, fat transfer or filers
  • Chin: Chin reduction or augmentation with implants
  • Lips:Lip augmentation with own fat tissue, hialuronic acid

Our Services

  • Cryo-electrosurgery for the treatment of warts, corns, skin tags & actinic keratosis
  • Phototherapy
  • CO2 therapy
  • Chemical and other types of peeling
  • Extensive types of peeling & filler injections for facial wrinkles, scars and skin repair and rejuvenation
  • Laser hair removal sessions using the latest techniques
  • Skin surgery

Other Procedures

  • All combined liposuctions
  • Body Shape With Lifting:Dermolipectomy and Abdominoplastiy (tummy tuck surgery) Buttock lifting or augmentation and with and without implants
  • Leg Shape: Calf enlargement with implants
  • Aesthetic Correction Of Genital Organs:Vaginoplastic (vagina tightening ) and Reduction of labia
  • Testicle corrections with fat or implants
  • Other: sclerosation
  • Skin And Beneath The Skin: Surgery of benign and malign skin and beneath the skin tumors Correction-scar reduction after the HIPERHIDROSIS Over sweating under armpit treatment
  • Breast Correction – Assymetry: Breast Nipple Correction:Nipple reduction, male and female
  • Breast Tumor Surgery: Remove tumor in the breast, breast reconstruction with tissue or with implants
  • Liposuction
  • Face: Cheek or chin liposuction
  • Hands: Crank or armpit liposuction
  • Back: Top or law part of back liposuction
  • Abdomen: Abdomen liposuction and loins liposuction
  • Backside: Liposuction of backside
  • Legs: Liposuction of thighs Knee liposuction
  • All liposuction is done with the latest technology with ultrasound microcavitation and Radio frequency skin tightening
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