The Department of Ophthalmology at City Centre Clinic offers comprehensive eye care through our team of experts. We are equipped with the most advanced technologies to provide cutting edge treatment and care for complex as well as routine eye disorders. Our doctors treat all types of vision impairments and abnormalities, including glaucoma, age degeneration, diabetes eye damage, cataracts, pediatric eye problems, eyelid droop and wrinkles, inflammation, dry eyes, infections, double vision and visual loss amongst others.

Services include:

  • Cataract Surgery
  • Routine eye exams including refraction for glasses
  • Screening for and management of glaucoma
  • Treatment for diabetic retinopathy
  • Corneal and eye surface disease
  • Correction for squint
  • Correction for squint
  • Treatment for vitreoretinal diseases, retinal vein occlusions etc
  • Cataract evaluation and surgery with lens implantation, including no-stitch surgery and new
  • Urgent eye care for ocular trauma, infections, and acute visual problems
  • Evaluation and treatment of dry eye and blepharitis
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