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    City Centre Clinic is a growing network of healthcare facilities committed to providing you with the very best care through uncompromising standards in healthcare services.

    Through our clinics, we bring together world-class healthcare professionals, the most advanced equipment and techniques in a caring, patient-centric environment, thereby providing the specialized healthcare you want and deserve.

    our facilities

    Each City Centre Clinic incorporates a technologically -advanced infrastructure that integrates global best practice and AIA guidelines with the cultural sensitivities of the region. The services and facilities available to you are on par with those found in the very best clinics across the globe across a broad range of specialties.

    our people

    Our team of medical professionals represent the very best within their respective fields and cover the most sought-after specialties.

    By always adhering to a set of values based on trust, honesty and excellence, our team is able to create an environment of commitment and compassion for all.Our patient-first model of care underlies all our systems and processes which are designed to deliver the exceptional standards of healthcare. Following global best practices and adhering to strict international standards, including JCI, we continually innovate cutting-edge services and treatments to meet the UAE’s ever-evolving healthcare needs.

    City Centre Clinics represent a commitment from Majid Al Futtaim Healthcare to provide a full continuum of care for communities across the UAE.

  • About Majid Al Futtaim Healthcare

    About Majid Al Futtaim Healthcare

    Majid Al Futtaim Healthcare is a new business vertical recently established by Majid Al Futtaim Ventures – the growth engine responsible for developing new and innovative enterprises across the region, to invest in healthcare assets. Majid Al Futtaim Healthcare’s focus will be to develop and operate high quality, patient-focused clinics that focus on preventive and curative care.

    The flagship project is a Day Care Specialty Clinic which is located in Deira City Centre in the heart of Dubai, with the first retail community clinic in City Centre Me’aisem, followed by a clinic in My City Centre Al Barsha and Ibn Batuta Mall, and Nad Al Hammar.

    Going forward, Majid Al Futtaim Healthcare will form an integrated healthcare network with spoke clinics addressing basic and immediate healthcare needs of surrounding communities and acting as a feeder to the hub clinic.

    About Majid Al Futtaim

    Founded in 1992, Majid Al Futtaim is the leading shopping mall, communities, retail and leisure pioneer across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

    A remarkable business success story, Majid Al Futtaim started from one man’s vision to transform the face of shopping, entertainment and leisure to ‘create great moments for everyone, every day’. It has since grown into one of the United Arab Emirates’ most respected and successful businesses spanning 15 international markets, employing more than 40,000 people, and obtaining the highest credit rating (BBB) among privately-held corporates in the region.

    Majid Al Futtaim owns and operates 21 shopping malls, 12 hotels and three mixed-use communities, with further developments underway in the region. The shopping malls portfolio includes Mall of the Emirates, Mall of Egypt, City Centre malls, My City Centre neighbourhood centres, and four community malls which are in joint venture with the Government of Sharjah. The Company is the exclusive franchisee for Carrefour in 38 markets across Middle East, Africa and Asia, and operates a portfolio of more than 210 outlets in 14 countries.

    Majid Al Futtaim operates 284 VOX Cinema screens and 31 Magic Planet family entertainment centres across the region, in addition to iconic leisure and entertainment facilities such as Ski Dubai, Orbi Dubai and Ski Egypt, among others. The Company is parent to the consumer finance company ‘Najm’, a fashion retail business representing international brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, AllSaints, lululemon athletica, Crate & Barrel and Maison du Monde; and a healthcare business that operates City Centre Clinics. In addition, Majid Al Futtaim operates Enova, a facility and energy management company, through a joint venture operation with Veolia, a global leader in optimised environment resource management. The Company also owns the rights to The LEGO Store and American Girl in the Middle East and operates in the food and beverage industry through a partnership with Gourmet Gulf.

  • Insurance Affiliates

    Insurance Affiliates

    City Centre Clinic has partnered with reputed insurance providers to offer our patients comprehensive insurance services and peace-of-mind.

    Our insurance affiliates include:

    • Aafiya
    • ADNIC
    • AETNA International
    • Al Buhairah National Insurance Company
    • Al Madallah Healthcare Management
    • Al-khasna Insurance Company
    • AMITY
    • Arab Orient – Allianz
    • AXA Insurance
    • Axa Ppp International
    • Dubai Insurance Company
    • Enet Insurance
    • Government Of Dubai (Al Madallah )
    • Government Of Dubai (Enaya Scheme)
    • Inayah TPA
    • Inter Global
    • Mednet
    • Metlife (ALICO)
    • MSH International
    • NAS
    • Neuron
    • Nextcare
    • NGI – Healtnet
    • Now-Health International
    • Oman Insurance
    • Pentacare
    • SAICO
    • Wapmed TPA

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    How patients are protected (physically, medically)
    We follow all universal safety precautions to protect our patients both physically and medically. A patient safety management committee is in place to monitor this.
    All sterile zones with Highly sophisticated CSSD
    We maintain the highest sterile and clean conditions in our OT’s. We have a weekly terminal disinfections programme and we have a highly sophisticated CSSD.
    OT fumigation
    Apart from daily disinfections, we have a weekly terminal disinfections programme.

    Infection Control

    • We have an infection control committee in the hospital
    • We do regular infection control audits and carry out surveillance across various areas in the hospital
    • We keep surveillance on water sources, finger dubs, floor areas, prevalent flora in the hospital and do air checks
    • We do regular outbreak analysis of infection based on infection control audits
    • We have an infection control nurse who is responsible for maintaining adequate hygienic conditions in the hospital

    Waste Management

    • We are registered under Avendra for medical waste, Collection and incineration and follow all the necessary protocols for proper management of waste produced in our Day Care Centre.
    • We have adequate provision of resources to facilitate the proper handling of waste according to given standards
    • We have an education programme for all our staff members about proper habits for waste disposal in their respective areas of work

    Secure building access

    • Easy doorways
    • Walk ways
    • Lifts, Staircases and connectivity of all areas of the hospital
    • Fire Exits
    • Regular fire fighting drills are conducted

    Security guards in hospital premises Security of Patient belongings
    Security guards are posted at all strategic locations in the hospital to ensure safety of the hospital’s property and assets, the patients and their attendants.

    Policy regarding Medical record protection What measures are taken to secure their privacy and information?

    • We do not disclose or share our patient’s medical and other details concerning the hospital
    • All records and documents related to patients can be accessed only after taking due approval from the medical superintendent, director administration and the COO of the hospital
    • In case of MLC/ death records are approved from the medical superintendent, director administration, and the COO of the hospital. Also the records are checked and verified by our consultants before being handed over
    • For records, related to psychiatry patients and high risk diseases can be accessed with due approval of the medical superintendent
    • All records requested will be furnished by the hospital authorities within 72 hours of request
    • We follow ICD 10 coding

    Data security & electronic data encryption

    • All the electronic data and information in the hospital is highly secured and can be accessed by concerned people using a password assigned by the hospital
    • Scanning of mails and other electronic information is done regularly to safeguard transmission of data to any external source through and inbuilt fire walls
    • There is a network and domain security accessing password system for shared resources
    • We have different modules for various functions in the hospital and each module can be used at different levels by different users (at operational level, MIS level etc.)
    • Every employee in the hospital is assigned personal passwords to access any electronic information like mails, reports etc.
    • All the employees are given telephone dialing codes and all the calls are monitored to ensure the safety and security of internal information

    Medical Ethics
    We have a medical ethics committee in the hospital which reviews the quality of patient care, medical practices being followed, patient safety, which fosters ethical medical practices in the hospital.
    Code Blue Committee
    We have a well defined Code Blue protocol for prompt and safe management of patients medical cardio pulmonary resuscitation.
    We have the latest equipment in the hospital to ensure the highest standards of patient care and safe delivery of care to our patients. The equipment is periodically checked for its functional and electrical safety.
    We have a stringent method of short listing new nurses. All nurses undergo a 2 weeks orientation programme to train them to deliver safe nursing care. The nurses are educated by the Nursing educator, clinical instructors and supervisors. Nursing protocols are well defined and regular audits are conducted on various aspects of patient safety and safe nursing care and corrective action taken. Nursing has a well adhered reporting system to ensure continuous a quality improvement process. A well defined fall prevention policy is in place to protect patients from falls.


  • Management Team

    Management Team

    • Khaled El Chidiac

      Acting CEO
      Majid Al Futtaim – Healthcare
    • Kumar Vembu

      Director of Operations
    • Dr. V. J. Sebastian

      Medical Director
Majid Al Futtaim Healthcare
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